baseball themed wedding favor ideas

An all-American favorite, baseball is adored by people of all ages. Whether watching it on TV, or just playing catch in the backyard, or joining little league to professional league, baseball is a major part of many people’s lifestyle.
Especially for people who have baseball contribute to their love life, baseball sometimes becomes a major part of their wedding. Whether meeting each other on the stands or being the number one fan of your favorite player, some couples meet and develop their relationships through baseball and have grown their love not just for each other, but for the game as well.
A baseball themed wedding can be fun. You can make your wedding cake shaped into a baseball or a small baseball field. Sometimes, the pre-nuptial photo shoot is being held on a baseball field, complete with baseball shoes! As for wedding favors, there are a lot of small giveaways or token that can truly complement your baseball themed wedding.
Here are some suggestions:
- Cookies and cupcakes - These American favorites will truly be a treat as well. You can never go wrong pairing everyone’s favorite sport and snack. Cookies shaped as baseballs are yummy treats that you can either purchase online or make personally. You can decorate cupcakes with toppers or candy sprinkles and shape them into baseballs.
- Whistles - These can be given as favors as well but expect that everyone, including adults will want to blow their whistle. While it can be fun, it may ruin the romantic ambiance.
- Key chains - Shaped as baseballs or baseball bats, you can readily purchase them from local stores or online bridal favors shops. Some sporting goods stores may have such items as well.